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New Clients

Items to Remember

Since 1997, ALISON has found our firm's passions, talents and resources best serve professionals, entrepreneurs and retirees throughout the united states. Our clients tend to be individuals who have created or inherited their own wealth and want to preserve and transition their wealth and values to future generations. They are passionate about positively impacting the lives of their loved ones, themselves or their community, often in ways that change the world.

Additionally, our location is easily accessible to our local clients and our elaborate systems are designed to accommodate both our local and out of town clientele. Approximately 30% of our clients live in San Antonio with the remaining clients located throughout the United States.

Our clients are brilliant, energetic, down to earth, honest, to the point and are just fun to be around. They think big, expect a lot and want an adviser that understands who they are at the core.

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Becoming clients

Our firm is here for people who want to be in a better place tomorrow than they are today, or who love where they are today, but do not know how to transition into the place they want to be tomorrow or get items in place in case of incapacity due to aging or an accident.

Whether too busy to do it yourself because you are running a business or your family and career.


Overwhelmed with all the moving parts of your finances and life as you are approaching retirement or another life changing event such as a death, divorce, marriage/re-marriage or children.

Our clients want advice from someone without the emotional blocks and knowledgeable about all the financial tools to get their finances in position for today and tomorrow. Our clients have a lot at stake, a lot going on, and desire constructive and personalized ideas, systems and resources to make it all simplify the chaos of wealth.

Prepare for your appointment


(1) Please upload to our private portal or bring the items listed in the links below to your next appointment. If you prefer to overnight them to us, please feel free to request a UPS overnight shipping label from our office.  Having complete and current information is critical to the comprehensiveness and accuracy of any planning endeavor we engage in when we meet.

(2) Please email Alison a few days before anything you would like us to specifically cover in our appointment, anything on your mind or any information that may have changed like employment status, obstacles or opportunities in front of you, large anticipated out flows or inflows that were not part of plan, etc.

Items to Remember

Effective use of our time

Here are some vital points that will allow us to use our time together in the most efficient and effective manner.

Please be prepared for each meeting, providing required documents no less than 3 days PRIOR or at least 30 minutes PRIOR to your scheduled appointment so they can be copied and scanned helps our valuable time together be more productive.  Having all the appropriate documents or information ensures that we fully understand your situation and your resources.

- If you are married, both spouses are required to attend every meeting unless previously arranged with ALISON.

- If you rely on your children or other person to assist you with your decisions, they are required to attend all meetings in person or by telephone.

- Please be on time to all appointments, and if you need to reschedule, please do this no less than 5 business days prior to the scheduled appointment so we may schedule someone else.

Continual rescheduling or lack of preparation will lead to discontinuation of our relationship.

To customize a plan specifically for you and your financial goals, we rely on you to:

  • Please be where you can speak freely and if meeting virtually do not meet while driving.
  • Be honest about your situation and concerns.
  • Provide accurate information about all your current resources and accounts.
  • Provide your most recent wills, tax returns, group benefit books, corporate documentation, etc.
  • Let us know of any changes in objectives, risk tolerance, family dynamics and asset acquisition/disposals, etc.
  • Initiate appointments when situations change or a review is desired.
  • Understand that this is a collaborative effort that requires both parties to initiate contact and communicate as needed via phone or email.
  • Refer others you care about that would enjoy the process you experience.

Your wealth management software/portal


All clients will have a private electronic file/conference room with us, a state-of-the-art online organizer, since "getting your arms around everything" is the first step to SIMPLIFYING THE CHAOS. This online tool lets you consolidate all your accounts, policies and legal documents in one secure location, and give us both a way to share "paper" securely and immediately before, during or in between appointments. Our professional support staff is very proficient with getting clients set up on the system and teaching them how to use it.

Our wealth management software gives ALISON the ability to create and monitor your financial plan based on current updated information, resulting in more efficient and effective planning. You'll also be able to have integrated reports to see your current financial situation at any time.

Together, we get it done!

Helpful Documents

If we are meeting virtually, please...

  • Use a device with a large screen so you can see my screen when shared
  • Use a device with a camera and have the camera on at all times
  • Do note drive while in the meeting. If in your car, please park safely
  • Please be where others can not hear you and you can speak freely without interuptions