Our Products and Services are in our name, and all that "ALISON" stands for...

"ALISON" is not just a person, it stands for values that drive, build and guide how this firm operates, cares for and impliments all our Products.  From our Planning Style to our Investment and Insurance Design and Implimentation, Alison's life experiences taught her about the power of purpose, power of passion, the power of the pen and the power of doing, implementing and organizing for WHAT IS IMPORTANT TO YOU and THE "WHAT IFS". 

Alison truly gets it and this is why we custom design and combine various products and ideas only after knowing why our clients are here, what drives them, what scares them, what gets them excited to live and love and be, who they are and who do they want to become, who to they love and not care for, what needs to happen for them to feel like they lived a meaningful life that worked for them... all of it matters when figuring out the right combination for each client, because everyone is unique.   

Where does this passion and understanding come from? Life!  Alison's father died at 38 years old with a successful business, beautiful home and loving spouse and kids, but no life insurance.  Alison was 4 years old, she felt like she spent a lifetime watching the tears and life changes of her 34 year old mom when her husband died suddenly, her dreams and financial security dying with him.  Downsizing, moving after every death and Alison sitting in the hallways of the local community college two nights a week when her mom went back to College at night to get a degree so she could provide for her daughters...but life just got too hard for her mom, Alison's mom died at age 44, when Alison was only 15 years old, she had no plan for "what if", no life insurance, no wills, no more breaths left - her mom and dad ran out of time way to soon.  No more mom, no more dad... just their blessed memory, to make into an everlasting blessing that celebrates they once lived.  Alison lives to make a difference in people's lives, so if they a blessed with more years or not enough, they the financial tools in place for them to live their life in a meaningful way for them, and legacy to those they leave behind is intentional.  

ALISON is about a passion for people to materialize their dreams and build a financial infrustructure to cushion future pains and support desired opportunities.  At our firm, we define true WEALTH as a state of being, not the number of zeros after the dollar sign.  True WEALTH is when your money is aligned so you can live your life the way you want to and impact the world and future generations in a way meaningful for you.


Our Services

are in the heart and brains, we call "planning and design"

Listening to desires and concerns of the individuals who engage us.

Teaching clients how financial tools work so clients can make educated decisions. 

Designing financial plans* together to organize assets to propell goals, address efficency with taxes, income and wealth accumulation for the present and the future.

Orchestrated the implimenting these ideas so that they have the "buckets of money and resources" when needed.

And we don't walk away, we stay and service our client's accounts, and montior/tweek their plans so the continue to support the lives of our clients change.  As thier lives and the ecomonomy or legisltation ebs and flows, so do the plans. 

Our objective is all about our clients - Simplifying the chaos in their lives in all areas we can impact for them to be at peace, happy and to have assets organized in a way that move them in the direction they want to go with enough structure that they get there, but enough flexibility to pivot when needed. 

We become the Quarterback to all the moving parts of their plan...because it all matters, from having the Power of Attorney documents in place to the right business exit strategy, not just the investement and insurance products, but the power is in combination.

This is what it means to be a Wealth Advisor* and a client of ALISON.  We charge an annual fee for the continuous planning.

* Financial planning and wealth advisory services offered through Alison and Adam's affiliation with Eagle Strategies LLC, A Registered Investment Adviser.

Our Products

are the financial tools designed to help our clients live their life their way, if it takes a little of this and that... we will help you figure it out. 

A little of this and that, include:

Life Insurance - Long Term Care Insurance - Disability Insurance - Mutual Funds - CDs - Money Market Accounts - Securities - Privately Managed Accounts - Retirement Plans, Qualified and Non-Qualifed Deferred Compensation 

Products are just products, but the "secret sauce" is in the design and the allocation, the "art" of designing the life insurance or the portfolio, the right combination of each product - guided by your resources and objectives, designed with our knowledge and dilligence, to get it right for tax efficient accumulation, guarenteed income, liquid fun and opportunity money, thoughtful legacy, asset and values tranfer to the next generation through business transition or trust creation, special needs consideration and planning for the aging process.  It all matters. 

Our Secret Sauce is...US, how you and we engage each other. 

Staying Knowledgeable  ♦  Sharing Honestly  ♦  Client's Continuously Communicating and Reaching Out to Us as We Do with Them, its a Joint Endeavor♦  Mutually Caring about the Outcome and the Journey.