Our Founder : ALISON | San Antonio, TX

Our Founder

[2018 photo]

Alison Flaum M.S. , CLU®, ChFC®

Firm's Visionary, Owner and Wealth Advisor

Alison simplifies the chaos of wealth, so her clients can pursue their passions, build wealth, and have fun with their life. Alison has a unique style, an ability to listen and understand clients in a manner that preserves their personal values, intent and mission into every aspect of their financial management programs (accounts, legal documents, entities created, people included, etc.). Alison, our founder, is very much like her clients, bold, direct, passionate, action oriented and true to her values.

With Alison's formal education in economics, communications and finance, combined with her training in fine arts, she sees her role with clients creating a masterpiece. A plan that is synchronized, well blended and balanced to leverage and preserve her clients freedom and values, as well as their wealth. When talking with Alison, she often uses the analogy of art, "it is as if you are commissioning me to paint a painting that captures who you are and what you want to be. When listening to you, I visualize the past, present and future to be first understood before it can be captured in the final output. When analyzing your assets, I look at a 'color palette' from which I have to work with to make it all happen."

Alison's affiliation with numerous resources, including The Nautilus Group®, provides ALISON with "professional resources" of individuals credentialed in law, accounting, taxation and insurance to meet the advanced insurance and financial needs of affluent individuals, professional athletes/entertainers and owners of privately held companies. Alison uses these resources to brainstorm, analyze and capture her ideas for her client's plans, which is a critical part of the process.

Professionally, Alison is a sought out speaker in the area of cash flow management and wealth accumulation. Alison has her Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC)® designation from the American College, is an active member in many professional organizations and is involved in many community organizations. She is from the Northeast originally, earning her bachelor's degree in Communications, Legal Institutions, Economics and Government in 1991, and a Master's degree in Administration in 1992, both from the American University in Washington D.C.

Alison has been simplifying the chaos of wealth for her clients since 1997 so they can pursue their passions.

Alison has two teenage boys that she adores and also loves to travel the world, paint what inspires her and experiments in the kitchen. With her children, she works on volunteer projects nationally and in the community that she and her kids are passionate about and loves helping people live with a joyous sense of self and well being and to live their dreams.