What Makes Our Firm Unique : ALISON | San Antonio, TX

What Makes Our Firm Unique

"It is both an honor and privilege to be your trusted advisor.  Thank you for inviting us into your lives in this role.  We do not take our responsibility lightly and value both the professional relationship and personal friendships that evolve."

- Alison -

"ALISON" is not just a person, it stands for values that drive, build and guide how this firm operates, cares for and implements all our Products. From our Planning Style to our Investment and Insurance Design and Implementation, Alison's life experiences taught her about the power of purpose, power of passion, the power of the pen and the power of doing, implementing and organizing for WHAT IS IMPORTANT TO YOU and THE "WHAT IFS". 

Alison truly gets it and this is why we custom design and combine various products and ideas only after knowing why our clients are seeking financial advice in their life, what drives them, what scares them, what gets them excited to live and love and be, who they are and who do they want to become, who do they love and not care for, what needs to happen for them to feel like they lived a meaningful life that worked for them... all of it matters when figuring out the right combination of financial tools and cash flow management for each client, because everyone is unique.

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ALISON is about a passion for people to materialize their dreams and build a financial infrastructure to cushion future pains and support desired opportunities. At our firm, we define true WEALTH as a state of being, not the number of zeros after the dollar sign. True WEALTH is when your money is aligned so you can live your life the way you want to and impact the world and future generations in a way meaningful for you.

Where does this passion and understanding come from?

Life! Alison's father died at 38 years old with a successful business, beautiful home and loving spouse and kids, but no life insurance. Alison was 4 years old, she felt like she spent a lifetime watching the tears and life changes of her 34 year old mom when her husband died suddenly, her dreams and financial security dying with him. Downsizing, moving after every death and Alison sitting in the hallways of the local community college two nights a week when her mom went back to College at night to get a degree so she could provide for her daughters...but life just got too hard for her mom, Alison's mom died at age 44, when Alison was only 15 years old, she had no plan for "what if", no life insurance, no wills, no more breaths left - her mom and dad ran out of time way too soon. No more mom, no more dad... just their blessed memory, to make into an everlasting blessing that celebrates they once lived. Alison has dedicated her professional life to making a difference in people's lives, so if they are blessed with more years or not enough, they have the financial tools in place for them to live their life in a meaningful way for them, and the legacy to those they leave behind is intentional.

Why are we so exclusive?

We are exclusive because our clients want someone to really know who they are, what makes them tick and what they want for their life and legacy. Our clients desire a quarterback to facilitate a process to make their objectives happen in a manner that is not overwhelming. Because this requires in depth and comprehensive service, the number of new clients are limited to 2 to 3 per month, so that adequate attention to new and existing clientele can happen.

Just as clients desire working with individuals who are knowledgeable, ethical and compatible in style to assist with their life’s work. We too are selective with whom we work because this is Alison’s life’s work and her reputation – therefore we limit working with people who are ethical, honest about themselves, care about their future, and want to create a legacy for future generations and/or charitable interests that make a significant impact in the world.

1) Yes, we do not advertise, clients only find us through their friends and family.

2) Approximately 90% of our new clients are referred by existing clients and other advisers, and 10% are people that Alison meets along the way in life when a mutual desire to work together exists. Since we are referral only, please have your friends and family you refer to us, mention your name when they reach out to us.

3) You can assure those you refer, that only after we interview each other and mutually agree that a "fit" exists, would we engage services, so they don't need to be worried about any obligation when they call to set up an initial appointment.

4) We value each person for who they are and appreciate the trust they each put in us to create, co-pilot and manage their unique situation, plan and assets with care, professionalism and accuracy.

To each of our clients, thank you for being a part of our lives over the years. We look forward to many more.

What does it mean to be professionally aligned?

In her own right, Alison's formal education, passion and years of experience shows up in her ability to utilize and communicate her advanced and sophisticated knowledge in so many areas of wealth accumulation, asset protection, and estate/asset transfer or retirement planning; as well as in orchestrating, designing and utilizing all the various of types of insurance and investment products to implement all the moving parts and practical application of tax and planning design efficiency. However, she doesn't stop there, she has earned the privilege to be a member of the elite prestigious Nautilus Group® and was a member of Eagle Strategies LLC as a financial advisor for over 15 years. Alison professionally aligns herself with an army of advanced legal, tax and investment professionals as resources and backroom support for brainstorming, cross-checking a creative idea and staying on top of her knowledge level. Alison thinks not just about the now, but is forward-thinking on how ideas and concepts impact a client and play out over their lifetime, so clients can be one step ahead. When you work with Alison, you have her and all the professionals she engages with to support her efforts.