Simplifying the Chaos of Wealth

Over time, ALISON has found our firm's passions, talents and resources best serve professionals, entrepreneurs and retirees. Our clients tend to be individuals who have created their own wealth or have inherited it from prior generations and want to best align their financial resources and assets to most efficiently achieve lifestyle goals, pursue passions or meet sometimes conflicting needs. Whether it is to align, consume, preserve, propel and/or transition their wealth, we work to identify, design and orchestrate solutions using a unique combination of financial tools. At ALISON, it's about our clients and their risk tolerance, their values and their needs for the present and future. Our clients are passionate about positively impacting their lives, the lives of their loved ones or their community, often in ways that change the world.

This is what we do, simplify the chaos of what seems overwhelming or just unknown.

Our clients are brilliant, energetic, down to earth, honest, to the point and are just fun to be around. They think big, expect a lot and want an adviser that understands who they are at the core.

Common Issues Facing Clients

Our objective is all about our clients - Simplifying the chaos in their lives in all areas we can impact for them to be at peace, happy and to have assets organized in a way that move them in the direction they want to go with enough structure that they get there, but enough flexibility to pivot when needed. We have found that many of our clients need to consider the following areas or issues over the course of lifetime planning. As their lives and the economy or legislation ebbs and flows, so do the plans.

photo of Marrus family

Marrus family

photo of Thomas family

Thomas family

photo of Bishop family

Bishop David and Reverand Dr. Claudette Copeland

We become the Quarterback to all the moving parts of their plan...because it all matters, from having the Power of Attorney documents in place to the right business exit strategy, not just the investment and insurance products, but the power is in combination.

This is what it means to be a Wealth Advisor* and a client of ALISON.  We charge an annual fee for the continuous planning.

Business Owners

Professionals and Retirees

* Financial planning and wealth advisory services offered through Alison's affiliation with Eagle Strategies LLC, A Registered Investment Adviser.