About Us

Since 1997"ALISON" is not just a person, it stands for values that drive, build and guide how this firm operates.

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Our Clientele

Since 1997At ALISON, our objective revolves around our clients - we seek to simplify the financial chaos in their lives.

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Our Solutions

Since 1997"Planning and design" are the heart and brains of the services we offer our clientele.

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The Story of the Wanaka Tree

All by itself, surrounded by nothing but the vast New Zealand landscape of mountains and water, the Wanaka Tree sprouted and grew. It has not only survived, but thrived, in an environment that most would say could not possibly sustain its life. It did this alone, and it did it in a very beautiful way. Much like this tree, Alison has found a way to bring triumphs out of struggles. She has committed her professional life to helping clients do the same thing – helping them push through challenges, live their life to the fullest, and leave a legacy for the generations to come.

How We Operate and Serve Our Clients

ALISON headshot

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Alison Flaum
M.S., CLU®, ChFC®

Owner and Wealth Advisor

Since 1997

Over the years as Alison's clientele started extending throughout the United States and as technology was advancing, she created, adapted and continually redesigned her practice to be very flexible and forward-thinking with infrastructure to meet clients where they are. Before it was popular, or even in today's environment where it is necessary, Alison has been conducting remote client appointments by using her virtual wealth management system platform with its live feeds and ability to instantly and safely share items on the platform to accommodate clients with a sick child at home, clients all over the country or who couldn't break away from their office down the street. Just a phone call, other electronic communications or systems, overnight mail service or a quick flight out when needed - she has got it covered. Alison knows first hand how life is full of challenges and change is one of the only things that are constant, so she has aligned herself with companies and resources that are built for times where there's a need to pivot, need to be creative, need to respect what is out of our hands and what is in our reach and abilities to keep going. She is committed to balance caution, prudence and continuance, and to continually address the now and the later as one, as they are intertwined. What you do now always affects your tomorrows. No one knows what tomorrow brings so being prepared for all the moving parts and possibilities is what we do here at ALISON every day.