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We have clients throughout the United States and conduct both in person and over the phone appointments. Remember all "regular appointments" are 90 - 120 minutes. For a quick question, please schedule a 30 minute phone appointment. To be efficient, if you need an appointment or quick call back, indicate the question/need so the right person calls you or emails you back. Please provide a few windows (date and time) when you are available to receive a call back so that we do not play phone tag. It is expected that everyone, us and you, will keep all appointments and call several days in advance if unable to do so.

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Tips to remember for your next appointment

Whether you're a new or existing client, please

(1)  Bring the items listed in the links below to your next appointment.  Many clients prefer to upload them to their private electronic "shared documents" folder in their Wealth Management System or you may overnight them to us, please feel free to request a UPS overnight shipping label from our office.  Having complete and current information is critical to the comprehensiveness and accuracy of any planning endeavor we engage in when we meet;

(2) Please email us a few days before anything you would like us to specifically cover in our appointment, anything on your mind or any information that may have changed like employment status, obstacles or opportunities in front of you, large anticipated out flows or inflows that were not part of plan, etc; and

(3) If you are using our online Wealth Management System/electronic conference room and filing cabinet, please make sure all information and feeds are current 3 days before the appointment.

Items to Remember