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Items to Remember

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Tips to remember for your next appointment

Whether you're a new or existing client, please

(1)  Bring the items listed in the links below to your next appointment.  Many clients prefer to upload them to their private electronic "shared documents" folder in their wealth management software or you may overnight them to us, please feel free to request a UPS overnight shipping label from our office.  Having complete and current information is critical to the comprehensiveness and accuracy of any planning endeavor we engage in when we meet;

(2) Please email us a few days before anything you would like us to specifically cover in our appointment, anything on your mind or any information that may have changed like employment status, obstacles or opportunities in front of you, large anticipated out flows or inflows that were not part of plan, etc; and

(3) If you are using our online wealth management software/electronic conference room and filing cabinet, please make sure all information and feeds are current 3 days before the appointment.

Items to Remember

Our wealth management software

Welcome to our wealth management software. Let the fun begin!

Our wealth management solution, or electronic conference room, allows each client to have a private platform for their data/accounts to feed and their own electronic filing cabinet (the Vault) for sharing the documents we each need to have at our "finger tips" though the planning process to be on the same page and work together toward each client's unique goals.

Wealth management software

What can you do in this system?

You can upload documents for us to see and to store for reference, we can do the same and share documents, reports and items with you real time.

You can "feed" (link) in all your accounts, where ever they are held, such as bank accounts, credit cards, car - student - mortgage loans, retirement accounts, investment accounts, etc. so that they all "feed" into one system.

This helps you "get your arms around" your financial system and all the moving parts.  With the push of one button, we can see your net worth, balance sheet, asset allocations across all accounts, cash outflows and inflows, and so much more. So, grab your cup of coffee and chocolate bar and dive in!

With this information, we can start to filter and organize what is important to you and what is not and have real time discussions to make decisions regarding variables unique to you.

How do clients receive an
account on this system?

Once you come on board, you will receive and email from one of us at ALISON, and this will allow you access and to set up your password. The email will expire in a few days, so please log on as soon as possible.

Once set up, please complete all the security questions and the onboarding process. This makes sure nothing is missed and should only take about 10-15 minutes. Once in the system, you will see a tab called the "VAULT", this where you will find the "SHARED DOCUMENTS" folder and can start uploading word documents, excel documents, pdf documents or anything you would like us to see. Please begin uploading the ITEMS TO BRING documents listed in this link. 

If you have questions about the systems security, just ask, we are happy to share that information with you.  Once in the site you will see at the very bottom of any page, "security", just click on that and you will see a PDF of all the security information and hack-proof testing done on the system. No transactions can be done on this site, it is a view only for the purpose of knowing where you stand, to be able to run projections and analysis and to see how all the pieces fit and compliment or conflict with each other.

Once you are set up in the system, you can always access this system on this page by clicking on the "wealth management software" button at the top of this page and then hit "proceed" so you can leave our site and log into the wealth management software secure server.

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