Common Issues Facing Clients

We have found that many of our clients need to consider the following areas or issues over the course of lifetime planning.  Below are some summaries and concepts that may be helpful to you, but don't worry if they seem overwhelming, we will filter out what is not relevant to you based on what is important to you, your planning capacity and your situation.  No one is the same, and no one person has the same plan.  

Basic Worksheets and charts to start organizing thoughts:

Wills and Power or Attorney - brain dump sheet     The Best First Step to a Good Plan - is you!

2017-2018 Tax Tables                                             Keebler Taxed Asset Classes Chart

Here are some of the issues: 

INDIVIDUALS                                                        BUSINESS OWNERS

Asset Protection                                                   Business Transfer Issues

Basic Estate Planning                                          Cross Purchase Buy Sell

Charitable Giving                                                  Entity Purchase Buy Sell

Choosing the Right Insurance Mix                        Taxation of Entities

Donor Adivised Funds                                           Using a Business to Fund Life Insurance

Social Security                                                      Transfer a Policy to and from a Business

Gifts to Minors                                                       Farmers and Ranchers: Unique Considerations

How you Title an Asset is Important                      Key Person Life Insurance

Income Tax Planning                                            TRUSTS

Life Challenges due to death or Divorce               Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust

Life Insurance: Term vs Permanent                       Revocable Living Trust vs Will

Non-US CItizen Estate Planning                           Spousal Lifetime Access Trust

Same Sex Couples                                               Qualified Personal Residence Trust

                                                                              Transfer a Policy to a Trust

Private Foundations                                              Domestic Asset Protection Trust

Private Split Dollar

Retirees and Pre-Retirees

Tax Advantaged Education Savings Options


Planning: 2 Step Approach

Planning Steps to Take

Planning Check list