Simplifying the Chaos of Wealth

Individuals, Business Owners and Retirees 

Welcome!  We would enjoy the opportunity for mutual discovery to see we are the right fit for you as you navigate and organize assets to live your life your way, leave the legacy you desire and preserve what is important to you.  Just give us a call or send us an email.

Most of our clients feel like they don't quite know how to evaluate if what they are doing or how they are doing it is Structured in a way that is best for them.
Whether it's Preserving a Life's Work, Building Wealth, Chartitable Giving, Legacy planning, navigating Business or Family Dynamics or attending to someone with Special Needs. Planning needs can be simple or complex, but a missed item can be a problem.  For example, if your kids are over 18, having a Medical POA so doctors can talk to you as the parent is critical.  Financial POA tells insitutions that hold your money who to take instruction from when you are not able too, or when your adult child is unable to do so. Do you have the legal documents to identify who calls the shots when you can't, medically and financially?  What do you think or worry about?    
Let's face it, most successful individuals retirees and entrepreneurs know how to get the job done and run their business and even how to generate and acquire significant wealth, but this does not mean they have necessarily learned how to navigate all the complex tax laws and estate management strategies to optimize and synchronize their wealth with present and future goals and visions.
If successful individuals were experts at that, they simply would not have the time to take their careers and business where they want it to go. Most successful people have learned very early on the importance of focusing on their own individual abilities and outsourcing responsibilties that are not their strengths to more knowledgable professionals.
You know there is no limit to the number of people who would just love to manage your hard earned assets. The problem is that there are very few who take a comprehensive approach and who will invest the time to learn and understand you...your wants, desires, fears and needs before they make recommendations for your income and assets. Click here if you want to know the meaning of ALISON and all we value.
Most individuals are looking to balance their competing needs for tax efficiency vs. asset protection vs. immediate access to money for consumption and future opportunities but they do not know the questions to ask, we ask the tough questions and navigate them with you  given the conflicts that arrise along the way between reality and desires, or when spouses and business partners may have different preferences. This is our speciality at ALISON, work it through and figure it out one step at a time.
If you would like to expose yourself to more of the areas we focus on, please review our recent Navigator Issue or our Common Issues tab.
How Do You Find the RIGHT Wealth Advisor*?
                                             1) Do they take the time to and understand you? 
It simply is impossible to make the appropriate recommendations without thoroughly understanding who you are as a person. Items to Remember list, please start your scavenger hunt to find these documents so we can review everything in context to everything else.
2) Do they ask about your values, health and family dynamics, not just goals and assets?
Whomever you find to assist you in managing the hard earned wealth you have created, make sure they spend enough time getting to know you and understanding your specific and unique circumstances, vision and personality.  Also, the best person communicates in a way that makes sense to you and that you are comfortable asking questions.
3) How comprehensive are their solutions and ideas, does it take into account how doing x impacts y?
In our office, we look at the components of your existing financial world (considering family and business dynamics, earned and unearned income, taxes, legal documents in addition to investment accounts, insurance policies and debt carried, who you would move mountians for and who you would not) and spend time to unravel all the complexities of your wealth challenges so we can develop a customized and tailored solution with you and for you.  These meetings will be with Alison or staff depending where we are in the process...reviewing/assessing, coming on board and intial/updating information exchange, ideas and design, education and implimentation, servicing and continually reviewing to keep current with your changing world and legislative changes affecting taxes and asset transfer, in addition to the economy and related dynamics.  You have a team, that is all about you at the center.
We have fun working with clients that have issues to address or that like to make things happen and trust their gut instincts.
Becoming Clients
Our firm is here for people who want to be in a better place tomorrow then they are today, or who love where they are today, but do not know how to transition into the place the want to me tomorrow or get items in place incase of incapacity due to aging or an accident. 
Whether to busy to do it yourself because you are running a business or your family and career.
Overwhelmed with all the moving parts of your finances and life as you are approaching retirement or other a life changing event such as a death, divorce, marriage/re-marriage or children.
Our clients want advice from someone without the emotional blocks and knowledgeable about all the financial tools to get their finances in position for today and tomorrow. Our clients have a lot at stake,a lot going on, and desire constructive and personalized ideas, systems and resources to make it all simplify the chaos of wealth.
Making Things Happen.
Initiating Contact
Before any mutual commitment is formalized to engage with our firm's services, we have genuine dialogue regarding the people and passions closest to you, what stresses you financially and what drives you to where you are and where you want to be. We want to know the impact or mark you want to make during and after your lifetime on your loved ones, your business and on the world. We will discuss our process and share ideas with you to see if we mutually feel working together is a good fit.
Engagement for Advanced Planning
Upon confirmation that we are on the same page and our styles work for each other, the initial planning* agreement and fee (usually between $2,500 and $15,000, based on the complexity of the client's situation) are executed and the process begins!!! So hang on, dig in and let the fun begin! We are here for clients who need and value what we do. The complexity or simplicity of your situation will determine if a fee based financial plan is appropriate or if you are just getting started in life and just need a few financial tools implemented to get the ball rolling.
* Financial planning and wealth advisory services offered through Alison's affiliation with Eagle Strategies LLC, A Registered Investment Adviser.                                                

"Brain Dump" and Design

Let it all out!  Ideas, fears, goals, opportunities, desires, what get's you excited!  If married or getting married, or business partners, be are both individuals with your own background and passions, so it's ok to have differences that is what makes you, you!  We will navitgate it all to come up with the best fit for your combination. We do this in conversation, many clients like send us their thoughts in an email so they can give it some thought and flesh it out, we also have an electronic wealth management system which holds and displays all the moving pieces in one place, every client is assigned thier own private electronic platform and filing cabinet so we have once secure central location we can all go to and share and be on the same page not matter you are at the time. 
Go For It!
We make things happen at ALISON. We are action and results oriented. We are compassionate and understanding as well as direct and bold. We use our unique personalities to SIMPLIFY THE CHAOS OF WEALTH so you are free to be who you are and live your life!